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About Our Program

In a world where the appreciation of the arts – especially in education – is dwindling by the minute, it is important to ensure that our future generations get a well-rounded artistic education. This is where our Phoenix Youth Program steps in. By participating in one or more of our classes on a weekly basis, not only will your child have fun – but will learn valuable life skills that are sometimes overlooked at school!

Why Choose a Theatre Program?

Young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate.

Getting up on a stage and singing gives kids a chance to step outside their comfort zone. As they improve and see their own progress, their self-confidence will continue to grow.

The arts strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills. How do I express this feeling through my dance? How should I play this character? Learning how to make choices and decisions will certainly carry over into their education and other parts of life—as this is certainly a valuable skill in adulthood.

All TERM 1 Classes are on Thursdays, held in our Pavilion Theatre, in the Beenleigh Showgrounds


2021 Membership


It’s time for our 2021 shows to Audition, and we cannot wait to see the amazing talent that our students bring.

THURSDAY 22nd APRIL will be our first session in Term2.It will be a get to know the new head tutor session as well as some audition advice and preparation.

Auditions will be on THURSDAY 29th APRIL in your own class schedule. Beginners will audition at 5pm, Intermediates at 6pm and Advanced at 7pm.

Rehearsals for Lion King will be on Tuesdays from 5pm during school term time (ending to be confirmed).

Legally Blonde will primarily rehearse on Thursdays from 5pm – 8pm, with some Tuesdays as required by the creative team.

Show Dates:
LION KING KIDS: September 3 – 5
LEGALLY BLONDE Jr: September 17 – 19

If you are not currently a member of our PYP program and are interested in joining our program and audition for these shows, please email to find a time to meet our tutor teams.



We have found our new amazing tutor team and will be announcing them very soon!