Carrie: The Musical


In this revamped, contemporary version of the famous (and infamous) 1988 production, Carrie: The Musical follows a young woman with telekinetic powers. An outcast at school, where she is bullied viciously for her differences, Carrie is also lost at home, with a fervently religious mother whose love traps her in its maw. When PE teacher Miss Gardner, kind classmate Sue Snell, and boyfriend Tommy Ross reach out to try and help Carrie, it seems that for once, Carrie might have a shot at being accepted. But Chris Hargensen, the class’s most vicious bully, has other ideas. Pushed to the brink, Carrie’s powers threaten to overwhelm her, and devour everyone around her in flame.


Music by Michael Gore

Lyrics by Dean Pitchford

Book by Lawrence D. Cohen

Is presented through special arrangement with Origin Theatrical.
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by Origin.


May 3 – 25, 2024


creative team

Joshua Brandon


Hayley Marsh

Musical Director

Victoria Lancaster


Ashleigh Mairi-Joy Cates

Assistant Director

Alex Angus

Assistant Musical Director

Hannah Macri

Assistant Choreographer


cast & crew

Carrie White Chelsea Sales (she/her)
Margaret White
Carly Quinn (she/her)
Sue Snell
Sophie Mason (she/her)
Tommy Ross
Kyle Armstrong (he/him)
Chris Hargensen
Storm Fraser (she/they) 
Billy Nolan
Macca Kelly (he/they)
Ms. Gardner
Lisa Alsop (she/her)
Mr. Stephens
Michael Chazikantis (he/him)
Helen + Carrie Cover
Kristen Barros (she/her)
Frieda + Sue Cover
Jenna Nixon (she/her) 
Norma + Chris Cover
Dana Summer (she/her)
George + Tommy Cover
Dugald Lowis (they/them)
Brandon Taylor-Cotton (he/him)
Sebastian Vine (he/him)
Ren Gerry (they/any)
Rachel Peake (she/her) 
Lily Chippendale (she/her) 
Margaret Cover 
Alicia Brite (she/her)

Stage Manager Harley Roy
Assistant Stage Manager Maddy Bosanko
Crew/Dressers Antoni Torrisi, Darcy Morris
Intimacy Coordinator Tammy Sarah Linde
Fight Coordinator Dugald Lowis
Sound Operator Jacob Cash
Lighting Operator Riley Baker
Sound Design Jacob Cash
Lighting Design Maddy Bosanko
Follow Spot Operators AJ Betts, Clark Kent Bryon-Moss
Voiceover Luke O’Hagan, Ashleigh Cates
Set Design Joshua Brandon, Harley Roy, Isaac Tibbs, Breanna Gear
Set Construction Harley Roy, Isaac Tibbs, Luke Devine, Breanna Gear, Hayley Gervais, Cast of Carrie
Costume Design Harley Roy, Carly Quinn
Program Design Emma Erdis
Promotional Photography Kenn Santos (PiF Productions), By B’rit Creative, Emma Erdis, Yasmin Fitzgerald
Special Thanks Formally Ever After