the witches of


the witches of



Comedy, drama and horror all come together in John Dempsy and Dana P. Rowe’s musical adaptation of The Witches of Eastwick. In the sleepy New England town of Eastwick, our three (not-so-wicked) witches Alexandra Spofford, Sukie Rougemont and Jane Smart are divorcees feeling trapped in their everyday humdrum lives. One stormy night, high on martinis and brownies, they make a crazy wish – for a man to make their own. But their wish has consequences they could never have dreamed…

A few days later, the mysterious and charismatic Darryl Van Horne arrives in Eastwick with a bang, taking over the local historical mansion to the horror of town doyen and president of the Eastwick Preservation Society, Felicia Gabriel. The stranger from New York wastes no time in seducing the three women, and setting them free to plan their revenge on the conservative town. Darryl encourages them to find the magic within themselves, and they finally ‘fly’ across the New England night.

But too much of a good thing can’t last forever…soon Alex, Jane and Sukie must face the consequences of their newfound passion for Darryl and the magic he can teach them. Felicia Gabriel and her Husband Clyde are the unfortunate victims of their power. When Darryl is deserted by his ‘three little ladies’, he turns his attentions to Clyde and Felicia’s daughter, Jennifer and soon a wedding is announced. Shocked, the three women must harness their power and face down the devil in disguise…


Book and Lyrics by
John Dempsey

Music by
Dana P. Rowe

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).
All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.


JULY 26 – AUGUST 17, 2019

July 26 – August 17, 2019


creative team

Darcy Morris


Darcy has been interested in the performing arts since high school. He has trained as an acrobatic, contortionist, a cheerleader and been involved in TV performances since
2002 where (he has both starred in television advertisements and modelled for Foxtel’s channel Arena. Darcy’ s stage performances include “Joseph…”, “Kiss me Kate”, “Anything Goes”, “Oliver”, “South Pacific”, “Chicago” & “La Cage Aux Folles”. Darcy’s most proud moment in musical theatre was in 2010 when he directed “The Wizard of Oz” his all time favourite musical. In the past 7 years Darcy as been assisting directing in many other shows, but now returns to the full director’s chair for “Witches Of Eastwick”. Theatre is Darcy’s passion and he looks forward to participating in many more Phoenix productions!

Kym Brown

Musical Director.

Kym Brown is a multi-skilled artist and music teacher. She has over 20 years experience as a performer, director and musician working with a wide range of companies across South East Queensland. Currently, she is the resident musical director for the 24 Hour Musical Project, recently embarking on its fourth performance project in 2019 (The Sound of Music).

Kym is excited to make her Phoenix Ensemble debut with Witches of Eastwick.

Taylor Davidson


Taylor Davidson has been involved in theatre since the age of 3, and is an experienced dancer, choreographer, director and performer. She has studied many styles including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and American style ballroom. She has choreographed for several productions in the last few years including Witches of Eastwick (24 Hour Musical Project), Shrek the Musical (PRIMA productions), Much Ado About Nothing (Underground
Productions) and Cludeo the Interactive Game (Brisbane Immersive Ensemble). She holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Drama and English Literature from the University of Queensland, and a Diploma of Musical Theatre from the Academy of Dance and Musical Theatre. She is particularly excited to return to the Tin Shed after nearly 20 years!


cast & crew

Darryl Van Horne – Joshua Moore
Alexandra Spofford – Samara Marinelli
Jane Smart – Lara Boyle
Sukie Rougemont – Danika Saal
Felicia Gabriel – Susan Stenlake
Clyde Gabriel – Simon Lyell
Jennifer Gabriel – Hannah Johnstone
Michael Spofford – Harley Coghlan
Little Girl – Kristy-Lee Castle
Fidel – Jason Ianna

Featured Ensemble
Daniel Lelic, Ren Gerry, Scott Johnson, Thomas Cleal, Emma Venzke, Lauren Ryan, Louisa Laing, Maggie Schafer, Tianna Paget, Julianne Clinch

Director Darcy Morris
Director’s Assistant Justin Tubb-Hearne
Musical Director Kym Brown
Choreographer Taylor Davidson
Associate Choreographer
Desney Toia-Sinipati
Stage Manager Jacqui Power / Jacque Clark
Crew Gabrielle Burton
Set Design Darcy Morris
Set Construction Pat Lancaster, Darcy Morris, Harley Coghlan, Justin Tubb-Hearne & the Cast and Crew
Lighting  Morgan & Johnno Orth, Ashleigh Youles, Darcy Morris
Sound Clement Chan
Costumes Victoria Sica
Props Darcy Morris & Justin Tubb-Hearne
Programme Design Benjamin Tubb-Hearne
Photography Benjamin Tubb-Hearne
Musicians Lucas Brankovich, Kym Brown, Sally Faint, Amy Schumacher, Laura Guiton, Victoria Rankin, Lindsay Gibson, Regan Hickey, Zach Brankovich, Samara Marinelli & Kate Robinson